Odin’s Blend Beard Oil


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Odin’s Blend Beard Oil – Cedar, Lavender & Teatree Oil

We bring you Natural help for your dry beard.
If your beard is dry and rough and the skin underneath your beard is dry, flaky, red and irritated or itchy. Ultimately is an indication that you need to moisturize.
The most efficient way you can do that is firstly, drink more water, and secondly, add a quality beard conditioner to your morning routine.
Follow this simple one step process, that when added to your daily routine will instantly add moisture to your beard and hydrate the skin beneath. Ultimately, your beard and face will thank you.
Our all natural and organic ingredients, of course, create a hydrating beard conditioner. It gently softens and smooths facial hair. Nourishing antioxidants absorb to restore health and balance to dry hair and skin without clogging pours or adding sticky build up to your beard.

You will be confident that any of our oils can easily be used as an all over moisturizer to improve skin health. They significantly combat signs of aging by adding vibrancy to tired skin and hair.
It is obvious when you see a beard that is well cared for compared to one that is not.


Odin’s Blend Beard Oil :

Carrier Oils: Our carrier oils are a uniquely formulated blend of natural / organic, Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil & Hempseed Oil.

Scents: Experience  Essential & Natural Fragrance Oils as they stimulate your senses.

Odin’s Blend Beard Oil .

Notably, A premium beard conditioning oil.  We guarantee optimal beard care and conditioning while we add traditional scents blended to perfection.

Pleasing and comforting to the senses it lends itself to the lover of traditionally scented beard care products.


Odin’s Blend Beard Oil .

Naturally pairs well with Thor’s Blend Beard Balm , moreover, Odin’s Blend Beard Balm.

Review our product information “here”.  Also, if your interested in our ingredients and suppliers, click “here”


Care for your beard, Care for yourself, Feed Your Beard!

Odin, notably, The All Father, King of Asgard and leader of the Norse Gods.

Odin’s blend beard oil was where my business began. It is still going strong and has a loyal following.


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