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Valhalla Beard Care Inc. is searching for Brand Ambassadors to help promote their products around the world.

*It is important for this program that you have an existing social media presence and maintain it on a regular basis.

*Preferred platforms are Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube. Other platforms will be reviewed.

*It will be expected that the "Brand Ambassador" will promote Valhalla Beard Care inc. on one or all these platforms at least once a week. More is better.

*In your Bio, you should state that you are a "Brand Ambassador for Valhalla Beard Care."

*Also, it is required to end each post with the company slogan," Feed Your Beard!" or Remember…Feed Your Beard!"

*Consistent use of these terms assists in placing the company higher on the Google search engine.

*Encourage your social media followers to promote Valhalla Beard Care. Use our products, tag & follow the social media pages.

*It will be expected as a Brand Representative that you conduct yourself and your posts with dignity, courtesy, and respect as it will reflect directly on Valhalla Beard Care inc. Post of a poor nature or suggestive content is not allowed and will result in the termination of this agreement.

*In short, we want you to be a shining star, as people will relate you, your behavior, and your online presence to Valhalla Beard Care Inc. We must promote a strong, confident, and trustworthy brand of the highest quality and produce the highest results.

Represent the average man. Display ordinary daily activities with highlights on our products. Promote a healthy lifestyle, alluding to the acceptance of modern men giving themselves permission to take care of themselves.

For You:

*You will receive, free, whatever promotional products Valhalla Beard Care is currently offering. i.e., T-shirts and hats to use in your posts.

*You will also be the first to test new products and provide a review for Valhalla Beard Care Inc. Your input will be valuable.

*You will be supplied with a specific gift code, only to be used by you, for a 50% discount on all products.

Each sale you make or are responsible for will be tracked using your own unique "sale code" that will be set up on the company website and Pay Pal account. Your customer must use your code on the check-out page, so it is important to stress using your code when they go to order. This will enable us to accurately track your sales.

*By using your unique code, the customer will receive a 15% discount at check-out.

Your input will be appreciated.

*Thank you for considering this proposal, and we look forward to working together soon.

Sincerely: Lee Dubois

Our info:

Valhalla Beard Care Inc.

President: Lee Dubois

E: [email protected]

Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Instagram: @feedyourbeardyyc

Facebook @Valhalla Beard Care

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