Beard Growth Serum


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Beard Growth Serum
  • All Natural Ingredients.
  • Be Sure to read and follow our Beard Growth Serum Booklet here. It’s Your Beards Best Chance to become fuller and thicker and Remember, Results are not guaranteed but as I said, this is your beards best chance to grow thicker and fuller naturally.

Genetics & Time

  • Genetics and Time are the key factors in growing a full thick beard. However, We can only try to encourage growth through healthy living, proper nutrition, supplementation along with natural products, and using the highest quality of beard and skin care available. Follow the instructions closely.
  • Not everyone’s beard will end up as a monster living on your face. Respectfully, to be able to grow the best beard you can; it is key to follow the steps below.* “here”

Beard Growth

  • When we are starting out growing a beard or have a full beard, we always wish we could speed up the growth process. Albeit, Patience is key.
  • Although genetics and testosterone levels play a key role in the rate at which your beard grows, there are several ways you can push it along.
  • Applying our Beard Growth Serum along with a strict diet and Biotin supplementation, will give your beard a fighting chance. 
  • Our beard growth serum is blended with only natural and organic ingredients. We recommended application is 2-4 times per day.
  • Apply several drops to thin or sparsely grown areas then rub in a circular motion in both directions. Remember, your regular beard conditioning oil for the remainder of your beard.
Now a Believer
  • We have performed extensive research into developing our own custom blend to stimulate and support healthy beard growth. However until now, Valhalla Beard Care has not promoted the idea of a specific beard growth product.
  • The proof of its effectiveness could not be confidently supported. Now however, with the extensive research and investigation that we have performed we can confidently promote our own blend of beard growth serum. We know that we can control the ingredients and recommend the proper application techniques and supplementation. As a result now, you can be confident as well.
We are confident that your beard growth journey has its best chance when using our Premium All-Natural Beard Growth Serum and following the guidelines on our, Beard Care Tips page.

For information on our ingredients read here. Also, To review our product information, click “here”


Additional information

Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 24 × 17 × 5 cm

30 ml Botte, 15 ml Bottle


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