Berserker's Blend Beard Balm



All natural, lightly scented beard balms gently nourish your beard and the sensitive skin beneath.

Light to medium holding properties. We can customize our balms to suit your specific needs.

Base: Shea Butter, Beeswax, Lanolin, Aloe, Vitamin E  - See 'Our Ingredients' for more details!

Essential Oils: Cucumber, Anise Seed

It is proposed by some authors that the berserkers drew their unstoppable power from wild animals, namely bears and wolves. They were fierce warriors known for battling with an uncontrollable trance-like fury. The fury of the berserkers began with chills and chattering teeth, and culminated in a great howling rage. This blend seeks to mimic their intoxicated state with its duality of light and dark scents.

Feed your beard!